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Regardless of who you are or what your circumstances, everyone who thinks of contacting a private investigator all have the same thing in common: you're involved in an uncertain, confusing and oftentimes stressful situation you can't figure out on your own.

Maybe you suspect your spouse of having an affair. You might have an employee who may be stealing from your company. Or you're an attorney who needs hard facts about a child's living conditions for a difficult child custody case.

Erskine Investigative Services understands our fundamental task: 


Provide you with accurate information to eliminate doubt and bring clarity to the decision making process, allowing you to make sound choices,

and take action with confidence.

Look to Erskine Investigative Services to  understand your objectives, appreciate your concerns and have the experience and professionalism to uncover the facts and information you need to achieve your goals.

  • Surveillance

  • Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • Domestic Investigations

  • Infidelity

  • Child Custody

  • Background Checks

  • Accident Scene Investigations

  • Photographs

  • Statements (written and recorded)    

  • Locates

  • Service of Process

Erskine Investigative Services for insurance companies, attorneys and law firms and individuals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. Surveillance, child custody, background checks, pretrial investigations, insurance fraud, missing persons.


Clear Answers

To Confusing Questions

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