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Erskine Investigative Services is a professionally licensed, private investigation company that covers the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.




We offer a wide range of professional investigative services to insurance companies, attorneys, businesses, and private individuals. We specialize in insurance fraud and domestic-type investigations. Other specialties include background checks, statements and scene diagrams. We are considered experts in surveillance.


Our Vision at Erskine Investigative Services is that we think outside the box. We gather as much information as possible, prior to conducting our investigation, and tailor it to obtain the best possible results for you. Our intent is to provide you with the evidence and information that you desire to reach your objective.


At Erskine Investigative Services we use experienced investigators that are hand-picked or trained by the owner.


About The Owner


Erskine Investigative Services is owned and operated by Bob Erskine. Bob is a 9 year Army veteran, during which time he served as an Airborne Infantryman and Military Police Sergeant. Since his honorable discharge in 2002, Bob continued in the law enforcement field, where he served as a Department of the Army police officer at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA. He then transitioned his military and law enforcement experience into the private investigations field, where he continues to excel as a professional investigator. Bob has conducted thousands of insurance and domestic type investigations. Bob also earned an Associate’s Degree in criminal justice.

Licensed in PA, NJ, MD
Army Veteran Owned
Surveillance Experts
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